Hill City Swim and tennis Club


All players must wear tennis shoes of a type that will not damage the courts. Shoes with heels or hard soles are specifically prohibited. Players are required to wear conventional tennis clothes. Shirts are required when using the courts. Bathing suits are not permitted on the tennis courts.



Courts will be open from 9:00 AM until closing. Only those requiring use of the courts during off-hours and off-season need to purchase a key. Keys are $7.00 each and may be purchased from management. The last person to leave the court must secure entrance and gate locks. KEYS ARE NOT TO BE DUPLICATED OR GIVEN TO NON-MEMBERS.


All guests must be accompanied by a member and must register at the pool entrance before going on the courts. The same guest rules that apply to swimming apply to the use of the tennis courts. Please make arrangements in advance with the manager concerning out-of-town guests. GUESTS MUST SIGN IN UPON ENTERING THE POOL OR TENNIS AREA.

Tennis Etiquette

Players are urged to observe the rules of tennis etiquette. Particularly, players are asked not to walk behind the courts while play is in progress or to retrieve a ball from another court while play is in process.


Non-playing children under 12 are not allowed within the enclosure of the tennis court, with the exception of a child acting as the ball person. No bicycles, skateboards or roller blades allowed on the tennis courts at anytime.

Hill City Swim and tennis Club

Management reserves the right to amend rules as deemed necessary for the safety and enjoyment of the membership.

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