Our Employees


Manager:  Virginia Thornton

Operations Manager Emeritus: Doug Deacon

Director of Operations:  Travis Marshall

Assistant Manager: Olivia Tribley

Snack Bar Manager: Sophie Dodge

Swim Instructor: Lausyn McBride

Hill City Swim and tennis Club

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Life Guards

Rupert Armentrout
Savannah Bauserman
Landon Bivens
Anna Dodge
Caleb Farris
Matthew Johnson
Luke King
Jack Mills
Lausyn McBride
Gabi Nazagan
Joshua Smith
Olivia Tribley

Snack Bar

Lucy Adams
Molly Brightwell
Kaitlyn Davis
Sophie Dodge
Gracie Doss
Helen Haslet
Ashley Laneve
Samuel Laneve
Katherine McGinnis
Avery Pafford
Hadley Pafford
Trent Ripley
Tallon Tanner
Alexis Witt

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