Note from Management

Hill City Swim and tennis Club

We’re ready for the 2018 Hill City pool season! First off, the staff of Hill City Swim & Tennis Club would like to thank Joann Stoudt for all her hard work and dedication to keep this pool running over the past 30+ years. We would also like to welcome Mrs. Virginia Thornton and thank her for all her hard work in helping us get the pool ready for the season. Also, a big thank you to Cathy Perdue for her hard work and for helping with memberships. The staff has been working hard since April to get the pool up and running for our members and we are excited to kick off the season on May 23rd. Members, we would like to inform you of a few things prior to beginning our season:

1. The pool hours will be unaltered for the majority of the summer. Both Campbell County and Bedford County schools start August 17th, and our college staff usually begins leaving for college around August 14th. This leaves us with limited staff for the end of August and the first week of September. We hire staff from all of the area school districts, both public and private, but the school systems have began starting earlier than they have in the past. We will try our best to get staff in during the last few weeks of the season, and we thank you for understanding.

2. The membership dues remained the same as last year; however, operating cost is not the same. We will do everything we can to keep Hill City the number one pool in the area.

3. Our policy at Hill City has always been that we do not allow weapons, concealed or otherwise, at Hill City. Please contact management if you have a problem with this restriction; we will be glad to help you find a facility that can accommodate your needs.

4. You will also notice that the majority of the staff is familiar to you. We are fortunate to have almost all of the staff returning. You will only see one or two new faces. Please make them feel welcome!

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